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SWIFT Wart Removal

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SWIFT wart removal is a painless and effective treatment for plantar warts. At NYC Foot & Ankle Center in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood of the Upper West Side, expert podiatrists Diana Valencia, DPM, Emmanuel Bustos, DPM, and the team use SWIFT wart removal to treat plantar warts in children, teens, and adults. Call the New York City office today to schedule a consultation, or click the online booking feature. 

SWIFT Wart Removal Q & A

What is SWIFT wart removal?

SWIFT wart removal is a noninvasive treatment for plantar warts that form on the weight-bearing areas of the feet. It uses targeted microwave energy to destroy human papillomavirus (HPV) –– the cause of plantar warts –– at the source.

SWIFT is more effective and less painful than traditional wart treatments, such as cryotherapy (wart freezing) and salicylic acid. It typically takes only one procedure and provides lasting results. 

What are the symptoms of plantar warts?

Plantar wart symptoms include:

  • Small, skin-colored growths on the bottoms of the feet
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Discomfort when standing and walking
  • Skin discoloration
  • Bleeding

Although anyone can experience plantar warts, they’re most common in children, teens, and adults who have weakened immune systems.

What does SWIFT wart treatment involve?

SWIFT wart treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. 

On the day of your appointment, you remove your shoes and socks and lie down on an exam table. Your NYC Foot & Ankle Center provider washes the bottoms of your feet and administers a local anesthetic to numb them. Then, they insert a small microwave probe into each wart.

The probes connect to an electronic device that emits low doses of targeted microwave energy. The microwave energy targets the underlying HPV virus while stimulating your body’s immune response at the same time. These two factors eradicate the virus, causing the warts to die and eventually fall off.

After administering the microwave energy, your provider removes the probes and provides recovery instructions. Most people need only one SWIFT treatment, but if you have multiple warts, you might need to visit the office for a follow-up procedure.

What is recovery like after SWIFT wart treatment?

After SWIFT wart treatment, you can immediately return to your normal routine. 

You might experience mild swelling or foot pain, but these symptoms should improve within a day or two. Take over-the-counter pain medication and get plenty of rest. If the symptoms continue or worsen, contact NYC Foot & Ankle Center right away. 

Can plantar warts be prevented?

There’s no way to prevent plantar warts entirely, but you can reduce your risk. The NYC Foot & Ankle Center team recommends keeping your feet clean and dry at all times. 

If you spend time in locker rooms or saunas, always wear shoes and never share your shoes, socks, or towels with others. 

Call NYC Foot & Ankle Center today to schedule SWIFT wart treatment, or book your appointment online.