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Choosing a Podiatrist In New York City can be difficult.

Dr. Herbert Abbott, Dr. Diana Valencia, and the NYC Foot & Ankle Center Staff make it easy.

Our Vision

NYC Foot & Ankle takes pride in providing our patients with the care and information needed to make decisions about proper care for foot and ankle problems. Our patients have a pleasant office experience that begins with our convenient location, hours and appointment procedures. It then continues by combining state-of-the-art technology, procedures and techniques with old fashion care and understanding of your comfort, time and needs.

Our Specialties

Minimal Incision

In many cases our minimal incision procedures allow you to skip lengthy recovery times and in some cases wear your own shoes afterwords. Fast, comfortable and permanent. This is what we strive for.

Common Issues

From corns & calluses to ingrown toenails, NYC Foot & Ankle Center can diagnose, treat, and get you back to what you love doing faster. Learn More

Our Location

Modern. Welcoming. Evolved.

The latest technologies seamlessly blended with spa like amenities. The NYC Foot & Ankle Center is like nothing you have seen before.


By the time I gave up trying to endure my ingrown toenail, it was red, swollen, and I was in a lot of pain. I called Dr. Abbott’s office and got right in. I needn’t have worried. Not only did he take care of me, but he was kind while you did it. Thank you. I expected to be lectured for not taking proper care of my toe, and then for not coming in sooner, but instead Dr. Abbott treated me with respect. His bedside manner is something to be admired. I felt comfortable with his care, and he were able to care for my toe in a permanent way. Thank you! I can’t explain how grateful I am to Dr. Abbott for fixing my problem with speed, kindness, and skill.”


“In a word, wow! Skilled, mindful + kind are a rare combination in a doctor…. Dr Valencia is the epitome of all three. I feel blessed to have found her! Oh, and she resolved my decades long ingrown toenail issue painlessly and patiently, explaining options carefully. Since many potential patients might find this a challenge I won’t say run don’t walk…. rather just make your way to her contentious care, your feet shall be glad you did.”


“I’ve been a runner for well over 30 years with 18 marathons completed, so I’ve had my share of foot problems over the years. I saw Dr. Abbott for a very painful ingrown toenail. During the initial evaluation, he also found a bone spur, as well as an infection that had triggered the loss of another toenail. Dr. Abbott treated the infection promptly and effectively, and then permanently removed both the ingrown toenail and the bone spur with minimally invasive procedures. I healed quickly and am running pain-free for the first time in more than five years. It”s a wonderful feeling. I’m very grateful for Dr. Abbott’s help and would strongly recommend his services.”



Don’t let insurance issues keep you living in pain. We will work with any insurance plan and patient to the best of our ability. That is our promise to you.

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