How can I fix my heel pain?

Heel pain is one of the most common and plaguing of all foot problems. Symptoms usually include extreme pain when first getting out of bed in the morning or after one has sat down for several minutes and then tries to get up again. After one gets going, the pain subsides only to have it return after the next rest. Pain in the arch at the end of the day also occurs. Several problems can cause this pain including a fracture, an infection or a pinched nerve. However, most commonly it is due to an abnormal pull of the plantar fascia (a thick band of fibers attaching to the bottom of the heel running along the arch and up to the toes). This in turn creates a painful bursitis or inflammation and eventually could lead to a heel spur formation. Treatments for this condition could include: injections of cortisone with physical therapy, stretching, oral anti-inflammatories, padding and strapping, casting the foot, rest, night splints and/or orthotics.

When conservative therapy fails however, a corrective approach is offered wherein the pressure is relieved from the tight plantar fascia and the spur is removed. When this procedure is performed in the minimally invasive manner, a normal shoe can be worn immediately post-surgically.

Here at the NYC Foot & Ankle Center, we will be happy to take digital x-rays, explain your condition, and discuss a treatment plan catered specifically to your needs and lifestyle.

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