How can I treat my bunion?

A bunion is an unsightly bump of bone on the side of the big toe most commonly seen in women. The area usually becomes red, inflamed and irritated, depending on footwear and activity level. A popular misconception is that bunions are caused by “bad shoes,” however, they are usually the result of genetics, secondary to weak bone structure of the feet. Treatment should begin early, as with all foot problems and should include larger, wider shoes, orthotics and possible injections with physical therapy/oral anti-inflammatories. If and when the problem persists, many corrective options are available.

Long gone are the days of your grandmother’s hospital stay and big scars. We specialize in fixing bunions through two or three mirco-openings often without a stitch!

Here at the NYC Foot & Ankle Center, we will be happy to take digital x-rays, explain your condition, and discuss a treatment plan catered specifically to your needs and lifestyle.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

We are proud to offer many surgical procedures right from the comfort of our office, rather than in a hospital setting. Doctors at NYC Foot & Ankle has trained extensively over the years to provide this service to patients which offers many benefits. First, patients are in a familiar and much more comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Second, by staying out of the hospital setting, the patient avoids the possibility of getting a hospital infection. Third, there is a significant out-of-pocket savings to the patient.

We also offer our patients the option of minimally invasive surgery to treat certain foot and ankle conditions. This type of procedure is performed using tiny, specially-designed instruments for very small incisions that require minimal or no suturing. This precision surgery allows doctors more control with little to no damage to adjacent tissue, more predictable outcomes, and shorter recovery times. There is less risk of an infection than open surgery as well.

Contact us to inquire about what procedures can be done in-office, or through minimally invasive surgery. Doctors at NYC Foot & Ankle will be happy to discuss these services which can provide quality outcomes and less risk, with more convenience and cost savings to you.

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