What is a corn?

A corn is a growth of skin, which is often painful, on either the inside or outside of the toe caused by an excessive calcium deposit or spur. Treatments include conservative care such as larger shoes, non-medicated corn pads, routine scraping or if a patient requests, permanent removal. This is achieved through a minor corrective procedure taking only moments to perform. In almost all instances, the patient can wear their own shoe immediately.

What is a calluse?

A calluse is a buildup of dead skin on the bottom of the foot which generally occur under one or more of the five metatarsal bones of the foot. The areas can be red, bulbous, protruding, or just dry and flaky. The problem is usually due to the fact that the metatarsal is either too long, depressed at the end or enlarged. Foreign bodies, arthritis or a loss of fat could contribute. Treatments include conservative care such as non-medicated padding, debridement or calluse scraping of the area, arch supports (orthotics) and cortisone. A callus can be permanently removed and the pressure relieved with a minor, extremely quick micro approach.At the NYC Foot & Ankle Center, we will be happy to take digital x-rays, explain your condition, and discuss a treatment plan catered specifically to your needs and lifestyle.

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